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EDIT: email verification is back up since bots started propping up, in the process of fixing the issue.

Wooops. Turns out people did register in the forum but for some reason, they do not get their activation email. Im in the process of figuring it out, and for the time being, registrations will not need a verification via email. Try your old accounts and if they dont work, make new ones.
This is a big one with significant changes.

Version 3.4

Kurt will now immediately make balls, no need to wait an entire day.

Changing the time now only requires to press DOWN + B on the main menu, no password needed.

The Lucky number show is now daily instead of weekly.

Poliwhirl and Slowpoke now require the Link Cord item to evolve into Politoed and Slowking respectively.

Trainer card now has a Kanto badges page and both pages use colored badges.

Weather conditions are shown with an icon during move selection while active.

Pokemon acquire EXP when you capture a wild pokemon like in later generations.

All Gym Leaders are now available for a rematch with stronger teams once you gain access to MT. Silver

Cooltrainer Rose now appears once you gain access to MT. Silver

Download link
Github release page page

As always, make save backups and report any bugs.
Freeplay Start – Uber Edition Version 2.0 Released
This is my own take on Xianni's amazing freeplay mod for Stalker – Shadow of Chornobyl

This is the latest version of my repack, here's a list of recent changes:

  • All faction traders are now immortal. This was done so that if your faction's base would be raided, you wouldnt lose your source of income and gear if they got killed.
  • Flavor text in Merc's tasks was added, now its not just "kill this dude!"
  • Each faction has its own Exoskeleton Suit that you can buy from their traders. The stats are the same as a regular Exo but now you can either represent your faction properly or blend in with the enemy easier with more defensive power (need to enable the disguise setting in gamedata/scripts/xiani_config.script)
  • Stalkers/Mutants spawn more frequently now for a more lively zone

Download Link
Here you can post your suggestions about my repack, what would you like to see, etc.
Project Rapier / About Project Rapier
Jul 03, 2022, 10:29 PM
This is a long ways off but i always wanted to make something presentable with Ace, dont expect anything like Skyborn however. Its gonna use the default RTP and barely any scripts, however its gonna give you a good impression and make you think twice before downplaying on RPG Maker games. More info will be revealed as it gets work on
You guessed it, here you can report any bugs you encounter with my repack.
Here you can provide your own feedback or criticism of the project, do remember that this is a vanilla friendly romhack. Requests or suggestions like but not limited to: Physical/Special split, new/fake pokemon, buffs/nerfs, non-canonical additions, etc will not be considered.
Here you can reach out to me and report any bugs you encountered.
Hello there!

Welcome to the Uber Archive Forums.

This is place that will host main topics of my projects and maybe other things, that depends entirely up to anyone who stumbles upon this place. This place along with the website is ready to be public but it could use some more work so im more than open to suggestions and feedback in this thread