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Kind of a small thing, but I kind of miss the Vanilla SoC dynamic crosshair. I Admit, the single dot crosshair is probably less messy, but it's tough to see it, especially at night even with npc identification off. That being said, it is kind of nice that it forces the player to use iron fights more, but it would be nice to have the original crosshair back too.
First of all, excellent mod. It's pretty much a permanent install for me after I finished vanilla SoC.

Not sure if this was addressed already, but when I revisited the bandit base in Dark Valley, all the bandits were somehow unkillable. At least as far as I could tell they were. I shot several of them in the head with the Vintorez several times and they didn't go down. It might've just been a problem on my end though, and I haven't encountered this problem anywhere else. It isn't completely game breaking for me, but I thought I might bring it up in case it hasn't been mentioned. Otherwise, a great mod, keep up the good work.