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Miscellaneous stuff

Here you will find some other tiny things i created that are too minor to deserve their own page

Stalker SoC – Doom’s Mod Merge – Preacher Edition Tweaked

This is my own personal tweaked version of this Freeplay Start overhaul. Highly recommended if you want things like more guns, blowouts and more tasks.

Stalker – Call of the Zone – Uber Repack

This is a repack of CotZ with my own personal picks for addons pre-installed. What is those addons?
Check out the ReadMe that is included.

Stalker SoC – Uber Vanilla Plus Pack

Ever wanted to experience true vanilla but couldnt give up on certain much needed features some “””mods””” provide? This little repack is just it. It include very small gameplay additions

Dungeon Siege – KFC Chicken level entry items map

This is simply a map that has all three items you need to access the infamous chicken level.
Nexus Mods page

Dungeon Siege – Super Speed Tweaked

This is a tweak of a mod originally made by FirestormGuy, very sloppy job on my part, not recommended but archived none the less.
Nexus Mods page

TES IV: Oblivion – Remove Daedric quest level requirement FIXED

This is a fixed version of the mod made by “cofveve”
Nexus Mods page