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Pokemon Patched Crystal

Pokémon Crystal is a great game, but sadly it suffers from bugs and inaccuracies. This romhack fixes those but still retain the original feel and content of the game, which means this hack is more of a “patch” rather than a completely new game.


It is highly recommended to make backups of your saves when trying out a new release
also go to the 2nd floor of a pokemon center and save your game there for the best results.

This is a big one with significant changes.

Version 3.4

Kurt will now immediately make balls, no need to wait an entire day.

Changing the time now only requires to press DOWN + B on the main menu, no password needed.

The Lucky number show is now daily instead of weekly.

Poliwhirl and Slowpoke now require the Link Cord item to evolve into Politoed and Slowking respectively.

Trainer card now has a Kanto badges page and both pages use colored badges.

Weather conditions are shown with an icon during move selection while active.

Pokemon acquire EXP when you capture a wild pokemon like in later generations.

All Gym Leaders are now available for a rematch with stronger teams once you gain access to MT. Silver

Cooltrainer Rose now appears once you gain access to MT. Silver


  • The entirety of bugs have been fixed
  • Capture all 251 Pokémon, no trading with friends required
  • Adjusted Time System, no longer will you have short mornings or long nights
  • Celebi event restored, no more scrambled eggs
  • Infinite use TMs, a collector’s dream
  • All Gym Leaders are available for a rematch, think you can win again?
  • Extra Trainer Card page for Kanto badges and all 16 badges are now in color!
  • Easily change the time by pressing DOWN + B on the main menu, no silly password input needed either!

More detailed information in the provided text files.

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